Experts View on SEO Birmingham!
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SEO is definitely both tricky and complex task to accomplish. One must have sufficient experience and knowledge in organization and optimization. As SEO moves from being a marketing strategy to a branding strategy, it is crucial to know the appropriate and most updated aspects of SEO.

Below are some of the experts’ views on SEO Birmingham:

· Links. Knowing where to rightly place the links will determine the success of back links. One of the ways to build your link is by integrating it in your email signature. According to Kristopher Jones, former CEO of eBay Enterprise, quality links can also be created by doing guest blogging and sending out press releases.

· Mobile. As computers move from desktops to laptops, tablets and smart phones, it is important to pay attention on mobile-friendliness of the website. In fact, more people are surfing and browsing web pages straight from their phones and tablets. Bruce Clay, the founder of Bruce Clay, Inc., states that satisfaction of mobile user- customers is much more important than any other technical problems.

· User. Having great content and images can draw people in. However, online users don’t want to stay on a website that does not load quickly. Michael Morgan of Speak Creative indicates that the focus of SEO Birmingham companies should gear more towards users rather than search engines.

· Content. Pierre Zarokian, the president and CEO of Submit Express, Inc., declares that content is king. What he meant by this is the credibility and ultimate success of your website is on your content. SEO Birmingham should focus more on providing informative content that can attract readers and can be shared to others.

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